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  fastest way to find movies showtimes in your local area。Cinemadroid Free is super snappy and covers 12 countries:USA Canada India UK Eìre France Italia Deutschland Espa?a Türk?e Россия 中国 and。Find all the movies of all theaters of a city in a few seconds,7 days ahead。For instance,to load all 500 movies playing in 300 theaters in New York,our first user will wait for 40 seconds,and all other users will get them within 2 seconds。Thousands of cities covered!Cinemadroid is more precise than other apps as it relies on national cinema portal web sites more than generalist internet databases。With a very simple and intuitive interface,Cinemadroid allows you to browse movie showtimes for the whole week in all theaters of your city。Browse showtimes by date,by hour,by movies,or by theatres。。。even by distance!
  Mark your favorite showtimes to retrieve them,and send them to friends by mail or SMS。With a single click,add movies showtimes to your agenda。Long clicks on showtimes,movies or theatres,will redirect to a web page giving more detailled informations like reviews,an overview of the movies,details about actor/actresses,and much more。Cinemadroid can work offline,you just need an internet connection to download the showtimes once,and then you can browse them without any connection。In the free version,you can now test Cinemadroid Widget and Cinemadroid Maps。They are provided as time limited trial features:you can use them a few moments every day before they expire。Cinemadroid has been designed to be fast,reliable and simple to use。Try it!If you like Cinemadroid Free:
  rate it and consider buying Cinemadroid Full version @ market:details?id=ca。qc。webalterpraxis。cinedroid。unlockerhttp:web-alter-praxis。qc。ca/spip。php?rubrique6.